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John J. - Waterford, MI - 3/29/16


I bought one for someone who has very strong hands but the pinching action is impossible due to an injury.  He can probably out shoot most folks any day of the week, this tool assists with the racking function which is all he struggles with.  Thank you!



Jim & Judy M. - Hiawasse, GA - 03/18/16


We got the P3 Racker, Super Cool - works better the expected.  Thanks!



Jackson T. - Oxford, MS - 03/03/16


P3 Racker is a very simple, well made, easy to use tool.  My wife can now rack the Glock G42 I bought her.  Thanks for helping me out of the dog house.



Frank G. - Wellington, FL - 03/04/16


My arthritis has kept me from

being able to rack my pistols, this tool makes it easy.  Thanks.

B. Fehringer: - Syndey, Nebraska - 4/07/17 This tool is very well made and worth the money for me. I have very strong hands and could rack any pistol at one time. Now arthritis and age have made it a challenge. I have had to use the method where I squeeze the slide with my left hand and then, with it close to my chest push with both hands to rack it. That means that the muzzle is close to me and puts me in danger.

Now I can rack it EASILY while pointing the gun away from me or towards the ground. Great tool. You need one too, even if you can rack your pistol. Saves wear and tear on young hands too.


William F., Plainfield, NJ - LEO Retired - 05/01/16


Having had a partially weakened thumb back in my days in Law Enforcement (both thumbs), and additionally having had my left thumb operated on to correct this situation (The wrong thumb as I am Right Handed). This P3 Racker would have been invaluable in racking the weapon of subsequent choice, .9MM Glock. I have tried the P3 Racker on the only automatic I currently possess, a .25 caliber, which I feel would be the toughest caliber to use this on. It's a Deutshe Werke-Werke Erfort which I used as my "boot gun" from the 70's when such protection was still allowed to Law Enforcement. The P3 Racker would, of course, not be recommended for combat situations - but I feel is invaluable in recreational shooting, for people with a thumb or other hand impairments in racking their automatics. All the instructions & warnings accompanying the P3, are, in my estimation Clear, Concise , easily understood & should be sufficient for all handlers of weapons. It is a well thought-out tool & built to last - it's price would seem to me, to be very reasonable. Back in my day, we used to just "tough it out"- but with the P3 Racker, this would not be the case today.

Bob W. - Four Delta Safety and Consulting - Emerson, AR - 05/27/16


We were fortunate enough to have received a P3 Racker for us to field test over the past few months. The tool is easy to use and it indeed helps those with weakened grip strength at the range. I've let several of my students try it and the responses were all quite positive. The P3 Racker definitely performs as stated, worked on all the pistols it was tried on, and is well worth the cost for such a high quality hand tool, which should last a lifetime.